Curriculum vitae
Pavel Polónyi

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Name Ing. Pavel Polónyi
 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Adress Ambroseho 10, 851 02 Bratislava 5
 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Phone, fax +421 262 250 825
 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Cellular phone +421 908 728 274
 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  E-mail
 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Website
 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Nationality Slovak Republic, Canada
 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Date of birth 03.10.1968
  Work experience

ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  2008->

Ambroseho 10, 851 02 Bratislava 5, Slovak Republic

ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Certified translator of English

  Provider of certified translations between the English and Slovak
     languages. I also provide certified translations in German/Slovak
     in cooperation with external certified translators for this language

ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  2006->

Ambroseho 10, 851 02 Bratislava 5, Slovak Republic

ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Limited liability company engaged in translation and intermediation services
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Business intermediator

  Business analyses mainly in the construction sector. Staff recruitment and
     marketing for clients developing business activities in new countries.

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  2002-> ING. PAVEL POLÓNYl
Ambroseho 10, 851 02 Bratislava 5, Slovak Republic

ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Trade license
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Translator of English and German
    Translator of mainly technical, but also legal and financial texts from   
    German and English into Slovak and from Slovak into German and English.

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  2000-2001 ALLPRINT AINSWORTH ASSOCIATES INC
65 Hanson Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2C 2H6
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Commercial printing company
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Estimator and Production Coordinator
    Estimates of commercial printing. Production coordination for
    commercial printing plant with 110 employees. Outside purchasing. 
    Creation of an estimatio program for pricing of magazine printing.

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  1999-2000 PRINTER´S PARTS & EQUIPMENT
60 Howden Road, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1R 3E4

ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Printing equipment and supplies dealer
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Sales and Administration Assistant

    Sales and marketing. Introduction of the company to prospects in Greater
    Toronto Area via personal visits, mailing campaigns, creation of a website.
    Sales of printing parts and supplies.

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  1997-1998 SLOVART-PRINT s.r.o.
Pekná cesta 6, 834 03 Bratislava 34, Slovak Republic
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Printing brokerage company
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Managing Director

    Manager of a printing brokerage company with 10 employees. Hiring and
    motivation of staff, sales agenda, software, bookkeeping and cash-flow

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  1995-1997 SLOVENSKÁ GRAFIA a. s. 
Pekná cesta 6, 834 03 Bratislava 34, Slovak Republic

ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Book and magazine printing company
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Marketing Assistant

    Marketing for one of Slovakia’s largest printing houses. Estimation and
    price negotiation for magazine printing. Customer service for certain
    customers. Book and magazine printing sales to foreign and
    domestic customers.


 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) 1999-2000 York College of Information Technologies, Toronto, Canada
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Programmer Analyst Diploma
   (Basics: Word, Excel, PowerPoint; Operating systems: Windows 95/98/NT,
   UNIX; Networks: NT Server, Novell; Databases: Access, Oracle;
   Programming: Visual Basic, C, C++)

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) 1994-1995 Milner International College of English, Perth, Australia
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Cambridge First Certificate in English (B)
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (C)
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (C)
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) IELTS Score 7.5 (1.0 = Non-user of English, 9.0 = Expert user of English)

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) 1988-1994      Technical University of Leipzig, Printing Technology, Germany
ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Diploma: title Dipl.Ing. (MSc in Engineering) (c) copyright 2002 - 2007