Pavel Polónyi



 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Languages English, German Czech and Slovak in all combinations of translation and interpreting. Intermediation for translation and interpreting in other languages on request.

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Translation types Manuals, technical documentation, business correspondence, offers, agreements, brochures, catalogues, presentations, software, machinery control systems.

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Translation specialisations Mechanical and electrical engineering, automation, chemical engineering, law, finance.

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Translation quality I verify terminology by means of dictionaries, the Internet and consultation with the client. I recommend having translations of marketing materials corrected by qualified native speakers, which I can also arrange.

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Interpreting Interpreting for all types of business negotiations and conferences, as well as during business trips abroad..

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte)  Language courses Grammar, conversation

 ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) Methods of translation delivery

     ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) e-mail
     ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) post (hardcopy, CD)
     ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) personally
     ang_bodka.gif (68 Byte) work directly at client site (c) copyright 2002 - 2007